Monday, May 21, 2007

The original idea...

One day I was watching the movie Fight Club for like the 10th time and during the scene where Brad Pitt takes his hands off the wheel of the limo and lets it drift across lanes of traffic he yells, “Say one thing you wanted to do before you die!” One man shouts in reply, “Read a book!”, the other shouts, “Paint a self-portrait!” after this caught up in the moment I randomly exclaimed, “Punch a Giraffe!”

Originally, it was just some random thing that i said. But now I have actually fleshed out the idea. Travel to Africa, climb a tree wait for a giraffe to stick it’s big dopey face to get some food and WHAP!, right in the kisser. I have since imagined that there is a one in a billion chance that I might just knock him out cold. Then the ground would shake as the majestic beast crumples to the hard packed earth, a huge mass of limp gangly limbs. I can only hope.

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