Monday, November 5, 2007

11/5/07 - Adventures

Someday Andrew and I are going to co write a book about our adventures... it will be called "18 miles out of our way: Roobot and Bowensteins guide to better living"

The problem with life, as I am constantly reminded while reading Roo's blog, is that you spend most of it doing tedious stuff you don't really care about. I like what I do, but if I could do anything I wanted all the time you can be pretty sure there would not be any spreadsheets or earned income credit involved. So everyone in the universe grinds out day after day in their cubicle, rarely attaining any success or riches, barely paying for their existence in this crazy economy, enjoying time with their loved ones, but not at the appropriate level.

Life is just too boring, and pointless, so lets all drink the cool-aid! The cool-aid is the adventure. Below is a list of things that I want to do before I die, but not just all the stupid standard stuff, like sky dive blah blah blah... I also see adventure when it is in front of me, like stealing a Frenchman's berrett in the streets of France and playing keep away with it.

1. Skydive... of course, who do not want to do this.
2. Spend 3 months at sea, and I am not talking about a cruise.
3. Get in a pub fight in Ireland.
4. Be part of a soccer riot in Europe. Does anyone know where they have the best ones.
5. Play Russian Roulette with someone I hate.
6. Streak a major sporting event.
7. Climb a mountain
8. Betting on the dog fights was my idea, but I like cock fights better because I just like dogs too much.
9. Strangle a hooker. I know this costs a lot extra, but if you suprise them in an alley you can do it for free.
10. Have sex somewhere famous, like on top of the Eiffel tower... Sorry Roo you probably cannot help me with this one.
11. Plan an elaborate set of odd circumstances and pranks to play on a complete stranger in an attempt to drive them mad, and video tape the whole thing.
12. Ram a really bad driver with my car.
13. Go on safari in Africa.
14. See a sumo Basho in Japan
15. Kick an extra annoying cop in the testicles.

I could go on and on, but the idea is that I come up with adventures on the spot. It is normally not thought of as one when it happens but it is remembered as one. Live life, enjoy yourself, enjoy friendship, and love, and children, and responsibility. You can enjoy everything more if you have seen more and done more and put all of life into perspective.

More to come on this topic later. I have already started writing the Morongo Saga, but I do not plan on posting it here... you will have to wait for the book.